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GINKs of the World, Unite!

Posted in Activism,Lifestyle by luvmyplanet on 19/02/2011

Last week, as I was listening to a broadcast of “Radio Ecoshock,” I discovered that I am a GINK (Green Inclinations, No Kids), a term coined by Lisa Hymas of Grist. We are people who, out of concern and respect for our planet, have chosen to abstain from having children. (For the full section dedicated to the childfree lifestyle, here.

At this point, I would like to echo and reiterate Hymas’ statement that we are not “anti-child,” nor do we bear any ill will toward parents. We simply do not want to add to the population crisis, nor do we want to bring children into a world rife with instability. However, despite our good intentions, we are often marginalized, passed over for basic needs like healthcare, and treated as immature or irresponsible for our lifestyle choice. As such, we tend to keep this aspect of our lives private in polite company.

But I stand with Hymas in saying no more hiding in the shadows! We are who we are. We have made this choice for the good of Mother Earth, and there is no reason that we should be ashamed. So, come on, everybody — Let your GINK flag fly!


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