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Is it REALY Organic?

Posted in Activism,Food, Gardening, & Agriculture by luvmyplanet on 12/02/2011

Yesterday, as I was browsing the produce aisle in my local Kroger, a sign advertising organic domestic beets caught my eye. Not having enjoyed roasted beets and beet greens since farmers market season, I felt my stomach rumble. As I was lifting a bunch to place in my shopping cart, a number on the twist tie caught my eye. It was a four-digit PLU code beginning with the number 4. Immediately, I put the bunch of beets back on the shelf.

What was the red flag with the PLU code? True organic produce is labeled with a five-digit PLU beginning with the number 9. This ensures that the produce is free of chemicals and — at least for the time being — genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The following list breaks everything down into a user-friendly format:

  • five-digit starting with 9 = certified organic
  • five-digit starting with 8 = genetically modified
  • four-digit starting with 3 or 4 = conventionally-grown

One word of warning — producers are not using the proper GMO PLU, due to lack of truth-in-advertising laws regarding GMOs. This means that produce bearing a four-digit code should be considered suspect. (To make your voice heard in favor of truth-in-advertising, visit the Organic Consumers Association.)

My rule of thumb is “better safe than sorry.” Even if the sign says “organic,” always check the PLU code. If there is a discrepancy, file a complaint, either in person or via the grocery store’s website. You don’t need a law degree to know what false advertising looks like.

Addendum: On a related note, check out this informative post on Sustainablog regarding greenwashing.


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