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The Trouble with Cinnamon Sticks

Posted in Food, Gardening, & Agriculture by luvmyplanet on 06/02/2011

For the past two weeks, the stock of ground cinnamon in my local health food store’s bulk section has been depleted. With my own stash running dangerously low, I opted to buy cinnamon sticks…

Now, I was under the impression that a few minutes with a mortar and pestle would yield that coveted cinnamon powder. Silly, naīve me! Under the advice of an Internet search, I cooked a stick in the frying pan for a few minutes and proceeded in my quest. The stick did break into several pieces, but it took a good 15 minutes before any piece was beaten small enough to be deemed a powdery granule…

Ninety minutes, and two very sore arms later, there were still pieces too large to put into a typical spice jar — and this was just ONE stick!!

Deciding to quit before I dislocated an arm joint, I carefully scooped the powder into a spice jar. The small granules were dumped into a batch of applesauce still in the food processor, in the hopes that they would be pulverized as the apples turned to purée…

Lo and behold, there were still some small cinnamon chips when the applesauce was ready for the canning jars. For the next batch, I just grated a small cinnamon stick, with better results and less pain in my arms.

If I have learned anything from this experience, it’s that, if worse comes to worst, I may have to spend an extra half hour on the bus to get to the other health food store, hoping that their bulk ground cinnamon is in stock.


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