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Fight Back Against GM Alfalfa

Posted in Activism,Food, Gardening, & Agriculture by luvmyplanet on 29/01/2011

As you may be aware, the USDA has approved Monsanto’s genetically modified alfalfa, despite the potential side effects that it could have on the people and animals who consume it. Almost as soon as the decision was publicized, Food and Water Watch responded with an action alert, calling upon President Obama to reverse the decision.

Now, I know you may ask what the point is, with the president having some of the pro-GMO crowd in his advisory circle. However, we can do this. Remember earlier this week, when Social Security cuts did not make the State of the Union address? That was due to public pressure. If we can convince him to preserve our post-retirement safety net (for now, anyway), we can convince him to keep this garbage out of our food supply.

And after you have taken action at Food and Water Watch, check out this article at Organic Consumers’ Association. It explains how Whole Foods, Stonyfield, and Organic Valley have caved and are now calling for coexistence with Monsanto. Be sure to read the entire article. At the end of it, you should be fired up enough to sign the petition calling for truth in labeling.


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