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Some Good News for a Change

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 14/01/2011

A huge victory in the fight against mountaintop removal mining (MTR) occurred yesterday, when the EPA vetoed what would have been a picture of destruction unlike anything West Virginia has experienced to date. The following is from an email that I received today from Friends of the Earth, one of the most progressive voices in environmental justice. As the excerpt correctly points out, this was the result of activism on the part of concerned citizens. It just goes to show that we should never stop lobbying to protect our planet.

The largest mountaintop removal project proposed to date in West Virginia, the Spruce No. 1 mine, was vetoed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This bold, science-based decision will save 2,278 acres of forest from destruction, prevent the burying of 7.5 miles of streams, and protect the health of Appalachian residents.

We wanted to make sure you heard about this victory because you helped make it possible.

Back in September, you sent messages urging President Obama and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to veto the Spruce mine — and end mountaintop removal altogether — in solidarity with citizens from across Appalachia and the nation who gathered in Washington, D.C. for Appalachia Rising, the largest ever mobilization to end mountaintop removal.

The EPA’s decision demonstrates what we can achieve when we work together.


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