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This Week’s Eco-News Roundup

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 25/12/2010

Even those of us who follow healthy lifestyles fall ill every now and then, and this was my week of reckoning. This is what happened while was laid up on a diet of oranges and green tea:

Chromium-6 is Widespread in U.S Tap Water (via Environmental Working Group)

Related: EWG Finds Toxic Hex-Chrome in 31 Cities (via Environmental Working Group)

EPA Sets Timetable For Refineries, Power Plants to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions (via TruthOut)

WikiLeaks: US Ambassador Planned “Retaliation” Against France Over Ban on Monsanto Corn (via TruthOut)

Congress Bans Shark Finning (via Huffington Post)

Wilderness Rules: Obama Plans To Reverse Bush-Era Policy (via Huffington Post)

However, the news is not all good in the wilderness…
No Break for Polar Bears on Christmas: Habitat Sacrificed by New Offshore Oil Plan (via Tree Hugger)

…and the big weather stories of the week. Although the corporate media is too afraid to tie this to climate disruption, we know better. May our friends in California and Europe be safe!

State of Emergency Declared in Los Angeles (via Huffington Post)

Snow Paralyses Transport in Parts of Western Europe (via the BBC)


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