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COP16: The Final Installment

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 16/12/2010

On Monday, “Democracy Now!” broadcast a wrap-up of the COP16 convention in Cancún. I must say that I applaud Bolivian ambassador Pablo Solón for his being the sole representative to reject the deeply flawed accord. Of course, many in the “establishment” are claiming the 190-country agreement to be an “good start,” as argued by Andrew Light on Monday’s broadcast. However, there are plenty of reasons to smell a rat here.

First of all, nearly two weeks ago, WikiLeaks released two very telling documents regarding events at the Copenhagen convention last year. One details plans for developed countries to essentially bribe developing nations with aid to adapt to the effects of the climate crisis in exchange for signing on to an agreement with no binding language and terribly weak targets. Another notes the “need to neutralize, co-opt or marginalize” nations such as Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, whose leaders were being “unhelpful” in implementing an agreement. Are we to believe that no such underhandedness occurred in Cancún? Are we to believe that COP17 in Durbin, South Africa will be free of such dirty deals? Call me cynical, but…

Secondly, scientists are telling us that, if we have not already crossed the point of no return on runaway climate disruption, we are frighteningly close. In other words, perhaps a “good start” would have been acceptable 22 years ago. However, it is now too late. We need binding agreements, drastic cuts in greenhouse gases (based on 1990 levels), and real effort put forth by everyone — NOW.


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