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America Recycles Day

Posted in Activism,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by luvmyplanet on 14/11/2010

Just as I believe that Earth Day should be everyday, I believe that America Recycles Day should be everyday. That said, I did sign the pledge stating that I would honor the day tomorrow, November 15. Although I do not have enough cardboard and plastic to take to a community recycling bin yet, I do plan to take a large bag of shredded paper to the office bin in the morning.

However, regarding plastic, I believe that Van Jones has an even better idea: REFUSE! Just say no to single-use plastics. Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store. Buy in bulk (using your own containers) to avoid excess packaging. Why should we refuse plastic? Well, for starters, the stuff is made of petrochemicals (i.e., oil-based). Even if you do not drive or use gas-powered tools, your use of plastic makes you dependent on oil. Second, until better technology is developed, plastic can only be recycled once. Then what? Back into the landfill or ocean? Third, the recycling process of plastic is carbon-intensive and releases pollutants into the atmosphere. If we worry about BPA in our food containers and avoid microwaving certain plastics, we should also be concerned about breathing the garbage in our day-to-day lives.

But still, America Recycles Day is a baby step. Alone, it will not save the world, but it should be honored. Even if you have to walk a few extra blocks to find a recycling bin, think twice before you throw that recyclable material in the regular trash. Take the time to ponder exactly where “away” is.


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