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“Crumb”-y Waste Reduction

Posted in Food, Gardening, & Agriculture,Recipes,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by luvmyplanet on 26/11/2010

How many times have you finished that box of shredded wheat biscuits only to find a pile of crumbs at the bottom? Have you ever wondered if they could be put to good use? Well, why not use them in your baking?

Recently, I made a batch of vegan sin bars whose recipe calls for graham crackers in the crust. Not having access to certifiably vegan or organic graham crackers, I glanced over to that aforementioned collection of cereal crumbs (from Kashi Cinnamon Harvest, if you’re curious) and made a simple substitution. The final product came out just as delicious as I expected — and the crust held together perfectly!

Frugal, vegan, and waste-free!


Phytoplankton Crash

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 26/11/2010

From the Christian Science Monitor:

A new study suggests that a global rise in ocean temperatures has cut the number of phytoplankton, which are the bedrock of the food chain, by 40 percent since 1950. Other scientists link the rise in ocean temperatures to global warming.

Intrigued? Frightened? Curious as to whether this is reversible? Read on…

America Recycles Day

Posted in Activism,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by luvmyplanet on 14/11/2010

Just as I believe that Earth Day should be everyday, I believe that America Recycles Day should be everyday. That said, I did sign the pledge stating that I would honor the day tomorrow, November 15. Although I do not have enough cardboard and plastic to take to a community recycling bin yet, I do plan to take a large bag of shredded paper to the office bin in the morning.

However, regarding plastic, I believe that Van Jones has an even better idea: REFUSE! Just say no to single-use plastics. Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store. Buy in bulk (using your own containers) to avoid excess packaging. Why should we refuse plastic? Well, for starters, the stuff is made of petrochemicals (i.e., oil-based). Even if you do not drive or use gas-powered tools, your use of plastic makes you dependent on oil. Second, until better technology is developed, plastic can only be recycled once. Then what? Back into the landfill or ocean? Third, the recycling process of plastic is carbon-intensive and releases pollutants into the atmosphere. If we worry about BPA in our food containers and avoid microwaving certain plastics, we should also be concerned about breathing the garbage in our day-to-day lives.

But still, America Recycles Day is a baby step. Alone, it will not save the world, but it should be honored. Even if you have to walk a few extra blocks to find a recycling bin, think twice before you throw that recyclable material in the regular trash. Take the time to ponder exactly where “away” is.

Mmmm! Garlic Scapes

Posted in Food, Gardening, & Agriculture,Recipes by luvmyplanet on 14/11/2010

I decided to give my most successful garlic plant a break and harvest some of the impressive scapes that have grown to date.¬† Again, this is the first time I have planted anything edible. As such, harvesting a bit of the scapes was an experience. The scent alone made my stomach growl. I decided to throw them in the potato salad I was preparing, and, boy did they add a kick! On a more significant level, it truly is magical to eat a meal knowing that you actually grew one of the ingredients. Someday, perhaps I can say that of an entire meal…

Excuse me? Did you say SIX miles per gallon?

Posted in Activism by luvmyplanet on 06/11/2010

Before I received this action alert from the Sierra Club, I thought Hummers were the worst offenders. Read on…

We rely on large trucks and buses every day for the transportation and the delivery of goods across the country. Some heavy-duty vehicles – including 18-wheelers, city buses, delivery trucks, and Class 8 tractor trailers – can cover as much 150,000 miles each year.

Unlike passenger vehicles, these vehicles – from large pickups to freight trucks and garbage trucks – have never been subject to federal fuel efficiency or global warming tailpipe pollution standards. Right now, the biggest trucks get only about six miles to the gallon!

Tell the EPA along with Department of Transportation to make sure the biggest trucks on the road emit less global warming pollution and cut our dependence on oil.

If you have not done so already, please take action.

Shut Down Conklin Dairy

Posted in Activism,Food, Gardening, & Agriculture by luvmyplanet on 05/11/2010

If you don’t think cruelty is involved in the dairy industry, watch this video expos√© of some disturbing abuse at the Conklin Dairy.

If you are already aware and are disgusted by what happens behind the scenes, please sign the petition at the above link (a TinyUrl to, urging the Ohio government to shut down the Conklin Dairy.

With this state about to change hands to a governor and state legislature that are hostile to animal welfare issues, time is of the essence. Please make your voice heard!

Monsanto-Funded Candidates Win Races

Posted in Activism by luvmyplanet on 04/11/2010

“Monsanto spent $470,631 on the 2010 mid-term elections. Five of the candidates they supported lost their races, while ten won.”

Click here to see the list.

Then, take action!

Pledge to Defend Clean Energy

Posted in Activism by luvmyplanet on 03/11/2010

The election has helped climate deniers gain power, but I’m not going to be silent. Sign this pledge and join me in defending clean energy jobs and strong protections for our air and water:

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