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A Must-Try Recipe

Posted in Recipes by luvmyplanet on 25/09/2010

If you subscribe to Toni Fiore’s “Delicious TV VegEZ” podcast, chances are you have seen the latest episode, which puts a vegan spin on the traditional egg breakfast sandwich. It looked so easy and appetizing that I couldn’t wait until breakfast the next day. To cut to the chase, this is one recipe that anyone will love. (Note: I used nutritional yeast flakes in place of vegan cheese, but the sandwich still turned out yummy.)

If you are not subscribed to this fantastic video podcast, you can subscribe free through iTunes or download episodes individually from this link.


My First Step into Small-Scale Gardening

Posted in Food, Gardening, & Agriculture,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by luvmyplanet on 24/09/2010

Today, I planted my first clove of garlic and thus took my first step into urban agriculture. We’ll see how it turns out from here.

The reason that I am beginning with garlic is its status as an easy edible plant to grow — even for brown thumbs like me. I was careful to conduct research and follow advice from gardeners and farmers in my area. (Different plant hardiness zones call for different planting times.)

It is important to soak each garlic clove in a water and baking soda mixture over night to kill any fungus. The general rule of thumb is 2TB of baking soda to 1 gallon of water. After removing the clove from the mixture, soak it in 100 proof vodka or rubbing alcohol for three to four minutes. Then, remove the skin so that all energy is spent on actually growing (as opposed to shedding the skin). Now, it is time to plant the clove. Make sure the clove is rough side down. How deeply you plant the clove depends on your hardiness zone.

Because I have limited outdoor space, I am growing my garlic in half-gallon almond milk containers. Before adding anything to the containers, I punctured a hole in the bottom for drainage. To weigh the containers down, I placed glass “rocks” in the bottom. Luckily, I already had some nutrient-rich soil on hand, and I am using corn husks and dried leaves for mulch. To keep the critters away, I have taped an old CD to an old umbrella rib. When the sun rays (or security lights during the nighttime hours) hit the CD, it creates a glare that deters birds, squirrels, and raccoons. As a further measure, I have stapled an old fruit net bag to the top. (This, of course, will be removed once sprouting becomes noticeable.)

TreeHugger Looks at Labor Day

Posted in Uncategorized by luvmyplanet on 06/09/2010

Celebrate those who work to make our world a little greener…and demand opportunities for more green jobs.

WV Couple’s Water Ignites

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 06/09/2010

Mark and Linda Wilfong have been plagued by flammable water and a persistent natural gas odor since their well was drilled. Read the article, and watch the video at Huffington Post.

FatFree Vegan Kitchen

Posted in Recipes by luvmyplanet on 05/09/2010

With the exception of my addiction to honey, I follow a vegan lifestyle. As such, I am always on the hunt for new recipes and new websites to add to my bookmarks and blogroll.

In a search for a simple way to prepare okra, I stumbled upon FatFree Vegan Kitchen. Not only did I find a super simple recipe for roasted okra but also a host of other delicious recipes that would tempt even the most die-hard carnivore (and, since I live with a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy, I should know). Check it out!

BP’s Failed Blowout Preventer Pulled from Gulf

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 05/09/2010

In more oil disaster news, the latest chapter in the BP catastrophe opened last night when Deepwater Horizon’s failed blowout preventer was removed from the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. Once again, media coverage was sparse. At Huffington Post, Harry R. Weber reports, “The AP was the only news outlet with a print reporter and photographer on board the ship.”

But I digress. Read the entire article here.

New Explosion in the Gulf, but Where are the Media?

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 04/09/2010

While the corporate media continue to bury their heads in the sand, “Democracy Now!” has once again upheld its obligation to the public by reporting the news. Yesterday’s broadcast featured an in-depth report on Thursday’s oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. (Kudos to Juan Gonzalez and the team at “DN!” for a stellar job, as usual.)

If the past serves as an indication, MSNBC and CNN will “jump” on this story in about three to four weeks.

Action Alerts

Posted in Activism by luvmyplanet on 02/09/2010

If you have not taken action on the following items, please consider doing so. Every voice counts!

  1. In light of today’s oil rig explosion (the second in just over four months), ask the Obama administration to place a moratorium on ALL offshore drilling
  2. Food Agenda 2020: A National Petition on Agricultural Solutions for Climate Change and Health
  3. Tell the Senate to let the EPA do its job and regulate greenhouse gases

Another Oil Rig Explodes in the Gulf

Posted in News by luvmyplanet on 02/09/2010

The latest tragedy in offshore drilling occurred around 10:00 EDT this morning. Although there were no human casualties, it sickens me to think about the ecosystems and animals that will be impacted. (To get an idea of the life that will be endangered, read “The BP Cover-Up” in the most recent issue of Mother Jones.)

It makes me wonder if Congress will continue to do the bidding of its lords and masters in the oil lobby — or if they will finally wake up and do what is best for life on this planet. Sadly, I believe the status quo will prevail. It makes me wonder how they sleep at night or are able to look their children and grandchildren in the eyes.

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