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No Impact Man on Planet Green

Posted in TV and Film by luvmyplanet on 30/08/2010

If you have digital cable or satellite service chances are Planet Green in among your basic channel lineup. Saturday night, the newtork premiered No Impact Man, the documentary about Colin Beaven and his family’s year of making no net growth in their carbon footprints.

Due to limited time and an even more limited budget, this was the first time I was able to catch the documentary, and I must say that I was impressed. Although Beaven and family embark on a very ambitious project that few of us can emulate in toto, they do set a fantastic example.

Now, if only the Senate would dig its collective head out of the sand…



Posted in Uncategorized by luvmyplanet on 29/08/2010

I started this blog with the intention to document my adventures in helping to heal our endangered planet — from the three Rs, to vegan cooking, to trying my hand at gardening on my very small plot of deck. My life trends on the hectic side, but I do intend to post when I am able.

Stay tuned…

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